Tuesday shows: First night of San Remo 2020. Israeli final of Hakokhav Haba

Italia: First night of San Remo 2020 (20:30 CET)

Veteran Italian contest will start tonight with the first show where we meet the first half of each category in the competition: Campioni (artists with a musical career) and Nuove Proposte (new artists).

Replacing Claudio Baglioni, Amadeus (Amedeo Sebastiani), well-know TV and radio presenter will host all the shows from the Teatro Ariston in the Italian city.

Twelve participants of Campioni will sing their songs, that will be voted by a demoscopic jury, unveiled when the show ends. Four participants of Nuove Proposte will compete in two duels, and the winner will advance to the semi-finals on Thursday.

Campioni Category:
  • Achille Lauro - Me ne frego
  • Alberto Urso - Il sole a est
  • Anastasio - Rosso di rabbia
  • Bugo & Morgan - Sincero
  • Diodato - Fai rumore
  • Elodie - Andromeda
  • Irene Grandi - Finalmente io
  • Le Vibrazioni - Dov’è
  • Raphael Gualazzi - Carioca
  • Riki - Lo sappiamo entrambi
  • Rita Pavone - Niente (Resilienza 74)
  • Tosca - Ho amato tutto
Nuove Proposte Category:
Raphael Gualazzi, Italian representative in Eurovision 2011, will compete in Campioni. Leo Gassman, grandson of the well-know Italian actor Vittorio Gassman and son of the actor Alessandro Gassman, in Nuove Proposte.

Watch live the show here.

Israel: Hakokhav Haba l'Eurovizion 2020
(20:00 CET)

Tonight Israeli will choose its representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with Hakokhva Haba L’Eurovizion 2020 contest, with four finalists, competing for this honor.

The four finalists will compete in two duels with two voting rounds. First, the jury will choose the winner each duel and a third super-finalist from the discarded. In the second round, the public will choose between the three super-finalists the Israeli representative in Rotterdam.

  • Eden Alene / Ella Lee Lahav
  • Gaya Shaki / Orr Amrami-Brockman
Watch live the final here

Fuente: RAI, Keshet