Listen to the French song “The best in me”

French song, "The best in me" has been released tonight from 20:50 CET in a special edition of the TV program Le Dimanche, being performed by Tom Leeb, the singer from the Eiffel Tower. A song with the chorus in English and the rest in French:

The team of creators of the song are well-known in the Eurovision Song Contest: the composers have been the veterans Thomas G:Son and Peter Boström, makers of the hit song “Euphoria" winner of the  Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Writers are, apart Leeb and Léa Ivanne, Amir, French representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, and John Lundik, Swedish representative in Tel Aviv and composer of the British song, "Bigger than us".

"After receiving hundreds of songs, when this one arrived, we became addicted to it, it was something special, and I wanted to show it to everyone, the whole team looked at each other and we knew that this would be the one, it was something obvious to all of us, "explained Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of the French delegation, which, as she added, and after contacting Tom Leeb " we offered her the song and fell in love with it, tested it in the studio and, there, he was born again, he brought something magical, little by little, with his warm voice. "

"The song is completed with a great performance, it stands out in both directions, it is more than a theme, it is a moment, we wanted something that really got excited and reach the deepest," she concluded by praising the perfect tandem between the singer and actor and "The best in me."

Chosen internally by France 2, Leeb is the son of the French actor Michel Leeb and the journalist Béatrice Mallicet. Last year released his debut album Recollection.  The audio clip of the first single "Are We Too Late" reached an impressive 25 million views on youtube. 

Tom has appeared as a support act for international stars a Sting and Tom Jones. His musical inspirations are male singer-songwriters like Ben Howard, Matt Corby, Bon Iver y John Mayer.

Tom spent 5 years in New York, studying theatre, cinema, and singing. He previously performed in a theatrical adaption of Mrs. Doubtfire, acted in various French TV shows and movies alongside established stars such as Jean Reno. With his fellow and comedian-actor, Kevin Levy forms the duo Kevin & Tom, having a popular YouTube channel, where they upload skits and songs.

He is part of a comedy duo with fellow comedian Kevin Levy. As the illustrious Kevin & Tom, the pair have a popular YouTube channel,

Last year French broadcaster, France 2, announced an internal election to select its representative in Rotterdam, concentring all its efforts on finding the right song for the Grand Final in Rotterdam on May 16th.

For the first time France 2, apart from French publishers, approached the most important European music publishers and asked them to write specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest. The internal committee at the French broadcaster reviewed more than 100 songs, in the search of the perfect song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

As explained Alexandra Redde-Amiel, Head of France Télévisions’ Entertainment Department and the new Head of Delegation: "We think that the ideal proposal corresponds to a match between a song for which we had a huge crush and an artist to embody it".

Fuente: France 2