"Open Up!": results of the Semi-final Allocation Draw

After the Semi-final Allocation Draw, 35 semi-finalists countries of Rotterdam know when they will compete in the next edition of Eurovision Song Contest:

First Semi-final (12/05/2020):

First Half: North Macedonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Russia

Second Half:  Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Belgium

Second Semi-final (14/05/2020):

First Half Austria, Moldova, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Iceland, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia

Second Half: Denmark, Bulgaria,Swizertland ,Finland, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia,Portugal, Albania.

Only a Balkan country will compete in the Second Semi-final, Serbia. The rest of the neighbor countries will be in the First Semi-final.

The draw was held in Rotterdam City Hall (Stadhuis) from 16:00 CET, presented by Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Chantal Janzen, hosts in the European musical contest.

Before the draw, another was realized to decide the semi-final, to vote and broadcast, for the members of Big Five (Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, and France) and the host country, The Netherlands:

First Semi-final (12/05/2020): Italy, Germany, Netherlands

Second Semi-final (14/05/2020): France, United Kingdom, Spain

The Ceremony has started with the Host Insignia Hang Out, between the Deputy Major of the Municipality of Tel Aviv and the Mayor of Rotterdam. Before the draws, a video was shown with previous winners of Eurovision as Niam Kavanagh (1993), Nicole (1982), Yizhar Cohen (1978) or Lenny Kuhr (1969) speaking about their victory in the European musical contest.

Source: Eurovision.tv