National shows for Eurovision in Norway, Lithuania and Slovenia tonight

Norway and Lithuania will hold today a new show on their national final, Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovizijos Atranka. Slovenia will choose two finalists for the national final, EMA 2020, in the young talent contest  Ema FREŠ.

Norway: Melodi Grand Prix - Semi-final 2 (19:50 CET):

From H3 Fornebu Arena (Oslo), the edition of the 60th anniversary starts tonight with four participants from the South Region of the country:
They compete in two duels. The winners of both duels will compete again in another duel for the victory and advance to the final. A voting system, free and online, will decide the results both rounds. 

Didrik & Emil Solli-Tangen,  that were selected directly by NRK to compete in the final, will perform in the show their song  "Out of air".

You can watch the show, hosted by Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Kåre Magnus Bergh y Ronny Brede Aase, in this link

Lithuania: Eurovizijos - Heat 2 (20:00 CET):

Renamed this year as Pabandom Iš Naujo 2020, the first 12 participants of Lithuanian format will compete tonight for six places in semifinals, chosen by the public and a jury:
  • Rūta Loop “We Came From The Sun” 
  • Soliaris - “Breath” 
  • Kristina Jure - “My Sound Of Silence” 
  • Alen Chicco - “Somewhere Out There” 
  • Indraya - “You and I” 
  • Germanas Skoris - “Chemistry” 
  • Viktorija Miškūnaitė - “The Ocean” 
  • Antturi - “I Gotta Do” 
  • Abrokenleg - “Electric Boy” 
  • Twosome - “Playa” 
  • Monique - “Make Me Human” 
  • Voldemars Petersons - “Wings Of Freedom” 
The public will vote during the broadcast of the show, because the jury (Darius Uzkuraitis, Giedre Kilciauskiene, Geruta Griniute, Leonas Somovas, and Vaidotas Stackevicius) voted when was recorded,  on January 15th.

Hosted by Gabrielle Martirosian y Giedrius Masalskis and Ieva Zasimauskaite (Lithuania 2018), watch live here.

Slovenia: EMA Freš Final (20:00 CET) 

Two participants, one chosen by the jury and another by the public, will get two places for the national final to Rotterdam, EMA 2020.
  • Stella -“Ne vem, če sem v redu”
  • Younite - “The cure”
  • Klarity - “Diham”
  • Parvani Violet “Cupid“
  • Saška - “Se kar lovin tvoj nasmeh”
  • Marmonis - “Moj pristan”
  • Pia Nina - “Tukaj in zdaj”
  • Alfirev - “Crno bela lika”
  • Lana Hrvatin - “Dream”
  • Astrid in Avantgarden - “Sing to me”
Listen the songs here

Raiven, Fed Horses y Lumberjack will be the guest in the show that you can watch here 

Source: LRT, NRK