"Universo" is the title of the Spanish song in Rotterdam

We know the name!.Blas Cantó, Spanish representative in Rotterdam has unveiled today the title of his song: "Universo". A name, as the singer explained time ago, "has a only word and will be easy to understand in many lenguages".

" "Universo has a new and risky style for me, but keeping my essenve. I'm so happy with the results. I had carte blanche to work in the song", has explained Blas, satisfied with the colaboration of the Spanish broadcaster to create his song in the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Spanish broadcaster will release the song cover on Thursday 23th, a new clue about the entry for the next edition of the European musical contest. Also will announce the releasing date in the digital platforms and for the video clip.

Before the announcement, the singer cleaned all post of  his Instagram profile and only left a post with the hashtag  #euroestreno, a symbol of a new musical career that Blas Cantó will start with his participation in Eurovision.Also in the only story in this profile appears the artist touching the nose of the Greyfriars Bobby  statue, the starring dog in the Scottish most popular legend while he says "I know that you will help me" 

Was in this travel to Edinburgh  where Blas participated in a songwriter camp, with the musical producer Mikolaj Trybulec, that created "Friend of a friend", song of Czech Republic in Tel Aviv. Another's participants were Dan Hammond, composer and "creative coach": his songs and creations has been played more than 30 million times. Another name was the English duo Bright Sparks,. His song "On My Way" was played 80 million times in Spotify in his collaboration with  DJ Tiësto.  Now we don't know if the composers of the "Universe" are some of them or was only created by Blas cantó.

On October 5th, Blas Cantó became the Spanish representative in Rotterdam 2020 after a internal election of RTVE. Spanish broadcaster announced this format for Eurovision 2020 after the bad results in the last years with a national selection. In 2018 and 2019 this selection was made with the talent show Operacion Triunfo. 

Source: Blas Cantó, RTVE