Czech Republic announces the participants of the national final ESCZ 2020

Czech broadcaster, ČT, announces the participants of the national final ESCZ 2020, to select its representative in Rotterdam:
  • Barbora Mochowa
  • Benny Christo
  • Elis Mraz a Čis T
  • Karelll
  • Olga Lounová
  • Pam Rabbit
  • We All Poop
Barbora Mochowa, favorite in the final of 2019 and Pam Rabbit, repeat in this edition of the online contest.

Olga Lounová and Ben Cristovao are two well-known names in Czech music, achieving great success in the country with songs in Czech. If Olga  is know both for singing happy and fun songs as well as touching tunes, Cristovao is one of the most popular rappers in the country.

Although Karelll is a relatively new artist in the Czech musical world, he has already achieved success thanks to his pop-style music.

Elis Mraz and Cis T form an interesting combination, with the personal pop style of Elis and the rap of Cis T,  Slovak origin.

We All Poop is a pop-rock group, consisting of four members: Jakub Božek (lead singer), Vojtěch Božek (bass guitar) , Šimon Martínék (guitar) and Michal Jiráň (drums, main composer). Everything seems to indicate that the group has been created to participate in ESCZ 2020.

Their songs will be announced at 8:00 CET on Monday 20 January. The international public will be able to vote for their favourite artist and song, via the official Eurovision app. Voting ends at 20:00 CET on Sunday February 2th.

Aside from the public vote, an international jury will also review the finalists and cast their vote. From this combined vote, the act that will represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be announced on February 3th 2020.