X factor Malta: Maltese national final for Eurovision 2020 has the semifinalists

After the last show in the Six Challenge Chair stage, the Maltese national Final for Eurovision and talent show, X Factor Malta, has the semifinalists, classified in four categories, each coaches for one of the judges: Overs (more than 25 years old), Girls, Boys and Groups. 

Destiny Chukunyere, winner of JESC 2015, will be one of the participants in the Girls team

After this stage will begin the next: Judges' House. The particicipants each category will live with its coach during some days. After that the coach will select three to compete in the live shows. The first show of this stage will be this Sunday with the Boys and Girls categories.

X Factor Malta semifinalists:

Overs. Judge/coach: Alexandra Alden

- Edward Abdilla
- Celine Agius
- Chantal Catania
- Paul Cuschieri
- Kersten Graham
- Jozi

Girls. Judge/coach: Ira Losco

- Jasmine Abela
- Gail Attard
- Marija Bellia
- Destiny Chukunyere
- Karin Duff
- Justine Shorfid

Boys. Judge/coach: Ray Merciega

- Matt Blxck
- Kyle Cutajar
- Dav. Jr
- Giovanni
- Karl Schembri
- Jurgen Volkov

Groups. Judge/coach: Howard Keith

- Bloodline
- Chord
- F.A.I.T.H
- Reign
- Sweet Chaos
- Yazmin & James

Live shows will start in January, with the final on 8th February, where the Maltese representative in Rotterdam will be select.

At this time Maltese broadcaster hasn't announced the format to select the song

Source: TVM